Nancy R. Wise Website and Portfolio



I began my career training in the artistic traditions. Color theory, design, drawing, and the special rigors of oil paint. Reproducing the masters allowed me to understand their techniques and effects. I have painted in many styles from Renaissance, to Impressionist to Abstract, this evolution inevitably lead me to my personal expression.

Each artist, using their unique expression, communicates a message.

For me as an artist a true aesthetic experience is born in silence. A linking between viewer and the viewed in a silent stream of consciousness. It is the beginning of a dialog before memories awaken and concepts form. An inexpressible mystery that the viewer then makes personal in images and words. A truly transformational art then continues to create an evolving and ongoing dialog of new images and words. Evoking that moment and its evolution is my challenge.

I love the vibrancy of bright colors, thick impasto-like textures against thin washes and strong forms to communicate an experience of a subject’s essence. It is my way to abstract and transform our ordinary experiences and reawaken life’s vibrant aesthetic.